Add and Return Project

Poster for the add and return project started by Jina Wallwork.

Let’s Collaborate.

This image isn’t finished and it needs you to complete it. Download the hi-resolution image and create a new piece that will be a collaboration between the two of us. Please return the finished piece to

There is no jury. However, I will reject any work that is offensive, pornographic or discriminates against anyone. This is an inclusive project.

Include your name and a link to where we can find your artwork on the internet. Add Making Music to the subject line of your email. The artwork I receive will be included in a free publication that you will be able to download from this website. 

Deadline 6th March 2020

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Creative Commons Licence
Making Music by Jina Wallwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
A man whose fingers swirl into the shape of a treble clef.

About Jina

Jina Wallwork is an artist living in Great Britain. All of the artforms that she uses are a part of her voice. For Jina, art is a means of communication. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and it can be found in various public collections including the MoMA and the Smithsonian. Sometimes Jina speaks with images and at other times she expresses herself through words and music. She follows a flow of creativity that takes her in many directions. It isn’t enough to just create an image. Jina has created a portrait format alternative to the rule of thirds. It is a new composition tool that any artist can use to improve their artwork. Jina has a strong passion for education and a desire to reach a greater understanding of herself and the world around her. As part of her continuing education and development she has received a degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University and she also has another degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the Open University. For Jina, learning is a constant and it guides everything that she creates.